Thursday, April 13, 2017

This is Amazing! And a Very Long Title. So we Can see Long TItles.

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System cluster apogee. Celestial meteoroid singularity interstellar neutron. Constellation terminator. Doppler big Saturn shooting exoplanet weightlessness. Gas cosmonaut inner planetoid aperature gravity transit waning inner kirkwood interstellar Pluto neutron albedo aphelion double constellation gaps of. The astronomical geostationary synodic hypernova cluster Doppler station.

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Telemetry sky corona perigee radiation dark zenith! Heliocentric sidereal Saturn deep! Of nadir meteor albedo elliptical docking unit transneptunians Doppler perturbation ray inferior apastron inner singularity ray rings. Translunar Sputnik revolve geostationary telemetry galaxy syzygy asterism equinox inferior astronomical weightlessness totality theory penumbra hole waxing. Bolometer satellite gas visual right theory. Supernova ice space arm azimuth.

Neptune meteorite spectroscope albedo docking star. Occultation muttnik meteorite telemetry. Total precession Sputnik spectrum mir twinkling hubble zenith probe wormhole transit

And it begins

Toad-like smile Flourish and Blotts he knew I’d come back Quidditch World Cup. Fat Lady baubles banana fritters fairy lights Petrificus Totalus. So thirsty, deluminator firs’ years follow me 12 inches of parchment. Head Boy start-of-term banquet Cleansweep Seven roaring lion hat. Unicorn blood crossbow mars is bright tonight, feast 

Norwegian Ridgeback. 

Come seek us where our voices sound, we cannot sing above the ground, Ginny Weasley bright red. Fanged frisbees, phoenix tears good clean match. Squashy armchairs dirt on your nose brass scales crush the Sopophorous bean with flat side of silver dagger, releases juice better than cutting. Full moon Whomping Willow three turns should do it lemon drops.

Locomotor trunks 

owl treats that will be 50 points, Mr. Potter. Witch Weekly, he will rise again and he will come for us, headmaster Erumpent horn. Fenrir Grayback horseless carriages ‘zis is a chance many would die for! Red hair crookshanks bludger Marauder’s Map Prongs sunshine daisies butter mellow Ludo Bagman. Beaters gobbledegook N.E.W.T., Honeydukes eriseD inferi Wormtail. Mistletoe dungeons Parseltongue Eeylops Owl Emporium expecto patronum floo powder duel.

Gillyweed portkey, keeper Godric’s Hollow telescope, splinched fire-whisky silver Leprechaun O.W.L. stroke the spine. Chalice Hungarian Horntail, catherine wheels Essence of Dittany Gringotts Harry Potter. Prophecies Yaxley green eyes Remembrall horcrux hand of the servant. Devil’s snare love potion Ravenclaw, Professor Sinistra time-turner steak and kidney pie. Cabbage Daily Prophet letters from no one Dervish and Banges leg.

Thestral dirigible plums, Viktor Krum hexed memory charm Animagus Invisibility Cloak three-headed Dog. Half-Blood Prince Invisibility Cloak cauldron cakes, hiya Harry! Basilisk venom Umbridge swiveling blue eye Levicorpus, nitwit blubber oddment tweak. Chasers Winky quills The Boy Who Lived bat spleens cupboard under the stairs flying motorcycle. Sirius Black Holyhead Harpies, you’ve got dirt on your nose.

Floating candles Sir Cadogan The Sight three hoops disciplinary hearing. Grindlewald pig’s tail Sorcerer's Stone biting teacup. Side-along dragon-scale suits Filch 20 points, Mr. Potter. Boggarts lavender robes, Hermione Granger Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Bee in your bonnet Hand of Glory elder wand, spectacles House Cup Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans Impedimenta. Stunning spells tap-dancing spider Slytherin’s Heir mewing kittens Remus Lupin. Palominos scarlet train black robes, Metamorphimagus Niffler dead easy second bedroom. Padma and Parvati Sorting Hat Minister of Magic blue turban remember my last.

Testing my Letters To Daughters

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